Why Elephants?

When designing my blog I had so many ideas running through my head. I finally decided I would use cute little birds sitting perfectly on a branch. Then I made the banner.

Birds?! What was I thinking, my kids are not like cute little birds. My kids are more like Elephants!

Let me tell you why.

Eating: If you want to survive in this house, you have to eat what you want fast. Those heathens will steal food right off your plate. Why is it whatever your eating always looks better than what they have on their plate! ITS THE SAME THING. I am confident they eat way more than their body weight daily.

Pooping: “I’m done” are words I have come to loathe. Lets face it, the amount of poop that comes out of our children is unbelievable. I have been known to throw away outfits, there was no hope in saving them.

The Stench: Have you ever smelt a child. No, I am not talking about cute little newborns who make your ovaries pulsate. I am talking about your stinky kids who still have syrup in their hair, ketchup stains on their shirt, rotten smelling feet and a slight odor coming from those who don’t wipe so well. Mine also pass gas like its their job.

Bath time: Water everywhere….except for the actual shower or tub. How many times can you tell them to shut the shower curtain or not splash all the water out of the tub! Then there is that one kid you have that actually poops in the bath while taking it. That child is not my favorite.

Noise: The decibel at which my children speak is unbearable.

Mass Destruction: Cleaning your house is impossible. Just as soon as I am done, my herd comes back to trample on my progress and ruin all of my motivation.

So there you have it. Elephants describe my children much better than birds. Elephants



Welcome to My Life

As I sit here typing I have about 500 million things to do. I have at least 10 tabs open on my browser, 15 more images I need to finish editing in Photoshop, Facebook posts to attend to and emails I must answer.

If you don’t know me then here is the quick low down. By normal standards….I passed the crazy mark awhile ago. I am a mommy to 4 kiddos, a wife, Registered Nurse (in a busy ER), IBCLC (Boob Expert), Educator, Owner of Baby Bliss Studio (Photographer), and to top it off I homeschool a few of my kids. Oh, and I forgot to mention, we are waiting on our first foster child.

Shit I am tired just telling you about myself. When I read it out loud it seems crazy that I do all of it (hence the Crazy Super Mommy title). Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Its funny to think that I have turned down multiple job offers over the years to work an 8am-5pm job. I seem to always tell them, “I am sorry, I could never work 40 hours a week”. But then when I add up everything I do, some weeks I work well over 60 hours.

So why add writing about my life to the mix? Because my life is comical. There is never a dull moment around here and I can’t keep all this goodness to myself. I want to share my journey with you. Now my journey won’t be all rainbows and lollipops, lets face it, kids are gross little creatures and even super mommy’s have their struggles.